Hold on, man. We don't go anywhere with "scary," "spooky," "haunted,"
or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Sep 17, 2007

Like a Lemming

Not wanting to be left out of the current trends (albeit quite a late joiner) I think I'll actually post to the blog I set up over a year and a half ago. It seems the thing to do...

Wher am I now? It's almost 7:00 pm - an hour to go until the kiddos bed time (not that I'm counting down or anyting). The Big Easy is gone to class - where he is every night straight after work. Luckily, I'm not bitter or resentful (hah!) and I handle being a single parent at night with such finesse and grace (double hah!) Truth be told, I'm hiding out in the computer room to catch my breath and sanity while my kids tear up the other room. It's either that or someone's going down - better me than them. At least the walls are still standing. No one's crying yet...at least not me :D.

Where have I been today?

Costco for the mundane: toilet paper, facial cleanser and the outrageously cute princess costume that kiddo #3 (aka spoiled rotten) did NOT need but I purchased anyway for $30 and now have buyers remorse. Should I take it back? She's only 2 1/2 once!? And she's my last one - my last girl - she's really into Princesses! What if she hates them next year like her older sister? and all I'm stuck with is a pirate/ninja/ghoul? Okay who am I kidding, I want to keep the costume - just wish it came in my size and it was really okay for a 40-year-old to parade around in it all day like a 2-year old. It's not so cute when a grown woman wears it all week is it? You can see why the little girls like it, can't you? (of course the Disney marketing gurus are brilliant) but the magic of it all is spellbinding. Back in the day when I still believed in my somedays...oh yeah where was I?

On to the dentist for 'color matching' on the crowns that will be cemented in a week or so (holding my breath for that day - did Cinderella every go to the dentist?) Got impressions for the bleach whitening trays for my teeth - oooohhh hope everyone has had that experience! It's so very much fun having that goop slopped and shoved all over your mouth! Not to mention feeling like all your teeth are being slowly yanked out when they remove it. However, I have visions of white (okay, whit'er') sparkly, Princess-like teeth after I get the trays, bleach every night, gag and finish after a few weeks). The price of beauty.

Macy's to return a 'tampered with' foundation to the Estee Lauder counter. Yesterday, I opened my brand-new bottle of foundation to find it full of a floral scented lotion and then further down in the bottle (yes, I dug in with Q-tips to see what was under the lotion) was the foundation mixed with lotion. DISGUSTING! And to boot had to go show up to church 5 minutes late, sans foundation! Fortunately, for her, the saleswoman was very pleasant, apologetic and helpful. I got a 2nd 'free gift' and went on my merry way (take heart - there really are some responsible customer service people out there!). The kids get out early from school on Mondays - ugh! WHY MONDAYS!!!! But after homework it was on to dinner, clean up and here I sit.

Where am I going tomorrow? More of the same with the kids: making lunches in the morning, it is picture day so everyone's hair and clothes must be clean and in order, kids are driven so scoottering won't muss the hair, breakfast, Yo Gabba Gabba (a very annoying new kids show for the little Princess) so I can hopefully shower and get makeupped (with my new and completely untampered with foundation) by 10:00am - that's my goal. Kiddo #1 has a new sculpture class starting tomorrow that she is dying with anticipation - we are all dying for her to start so we can stop hearing about it starting! I am hoping to start book #3 in the Twilight series "Eclipse" - Edward and Bella are waiting for me. I'm almost hesitant to start it because I know it's the last one for a while. The other two I read in the past 4 days. After this book is done - don't know where my next literary escape will be. I'm open for suggestions.

This entry was very 'surface' and skin deep - I'll probably be able to dig deeper when I'm less concerned about the walls and the chaos happening in the next room. TTFN!