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or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Mar 28, 2008

The Bachelor: Lehi Calling

There's a new guy in town - his name is
Charming, Prince Charming.

Some of you may remember him from his earlier work in the Disney film, "Cinderella" and he's making a comeback! In our house, we have been partakers of the Barbie frenzy trend for many years now but I must admit that very few male versions have crossed our door. I don't know why...I'm assuming it's because they're less glamorous, their wardrobe is lousy, their hair is molded or maybe they just need better PR folks working for them on the cartoon break commercials. Either way - they've been a bit scarce around here. However, last week was our youngest daughter's 3rd birthday and she's been asking for a "Daddy Barbie". So...while Ken, Beast, Prince Antonio (of Barbie Island Princess fame) and Prince Philip were all in the running - in the end Prince Charming won the spot as "MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR" in our household.

Here he is surrounded by his gal pals - you may recognize some of them...(don't hate them because they're beautiful!)

From left to right we have:

from "The Princess and the Pauper" Barbie movie - the brunette who looked an awful lot like the blonde princess, Analiese...hmmm....uncanny? I think not! She can sing up a storm and has a button on her back to prove it! (If you've seen "The Bachelor: London Calling" recently you'll know that singing is apparently the 'in thing' this year). Go Erica/Analiese!

from "Beauty and the Beast" - also a birthday gift and as you can see she is presumptuously sporting a wedding gown (the nerve!). One small thing you may, or may not, be able to notice in the pic - her head is almost twice the size as Charmings. I don't know about other parts of the U.S. but here in Lehi, that type of genetic dominance may just give her a leg up!

African American Barbie
- the $4.99 variety purchased as a 'hush up and I'll buy you this' moment during an especially stressful trip to Wal-Mart. She is especially talented as her legs are permanently 'tattooed' painted purple. She has benevolently been given a gown to wear for just this occasion. What a gem!

and last but certainly not least our beloved and every perky...

- I do believe she was once a Princess Somebody or Other and has now been demoted to wearing the African American Barbie's tutu (minus the purple tights). She is unfailingly beautiful, can't stand on her own and can easily snap under the weight of her own upper torso - however she is prized for her lovely locks.

Whatever is a man to do???
But wait....what's this!?????

Some last minute entries purchases (our lovely birthday gal got a gift card and cash from her grandparents). As in every good reality show there's always a twist!

Ariel! The beloved Little Mermaid - fresh out of the package water and wearing only her fins and a bikini (and lovely hair that changes color when it gets soaked in cold water).


Barbie Mariposa! - still touring in her just released (Spring 2008) movie! She is absolutely stunning with magical 'pop-out' wings, lace-up ballerina type slipper thingies and flowers in her very long and lustrous locks (complete with pink brush). What a stunner!

Wow...this is going to be a nail biter right down to the bitter end. Stay tuned to see what becomes of our lovely ladies and the lone bachelor (who, by the way is anatomically incorrect but has six-pack abs....go figure!) This could get ugly...Who will get the rose (or lose a leg) first!? You won't want to miss this!

Mar 14, 2008

The Ties that Bind

February was quilting month over at one of my favorite sites: Sew, Mama, Sew. They did all sorts of tutorials and highlights of different quilt blocks and lovely finished projects. I admire the handiwork that goes into quilting and hope that someday I will have the time to be able to piece together a quilt top and do the machine or hand stitched quilting for what I consider a true 'quilt'. In the meantime...I love doing tied quilts. Here is our family's latest project:

I grew up on these kind of quilts and it's truly the only kind I know how to do with any sort of efficiency. I thought that's how it was done growing up...the quilt stands and the sound of thread being pushed and pulled through layers of fabric and batting. I would crawl underneath the quilts and grab the needles sometimes pushing them back up to the top when my grandparents couldn't reach to the middle. Some of my earliest memories are of helping tie quilts.

I still have a quilt that was made for me when I was little and my children have tied quilts I made for them when I was pregnant. So, this winter I decided it was time for them to learn how to tie a quilt. I found a flannel sheet set on sale at Target - fell in love with it's bright, bold colors and set to work. Luckily, my sister-in-law has a set of quilt stands and clamps that her mother gave her so I borrowed them. It took up the entire free space in our downstairs basement living room to set it up. After some fudging with the pillow cases to fill in the space on the fitted sheet (after removing the elastic) it was ready to be used as the backing. The Big Easy and I tacked the pieces and batting to the frame. He had never done such a thing either so it was also a learning experience for him. One of the hardest decisions was where to place the ties - the fabric had an all-over pattern so we just needed to choose which 'snowflake' to use. We settled on a red one that was easy for everyone to spot and seemed to be closest to the starting edges. I showed my two oldest (9 and 7) how to start tying and once they got the hang of it - I showed them how to chain the ties together. They were quick to pick it up! Many memories came flooding back as my youngest (2 1/2) was crawling underneath the quilt and grabbing at the yarn and shaking the frames.

It didn't take us long - the 4 of us tying at the same time. There were times of frustration when the yarn got knotted, the needles came unthreaded, the yarn wouldn't pull through the fabric or spots were missed. But overall I think everyone actually enjoyed themselves and we were working together on something and making it with our hands! We 'popped the tacks' off the edges and the quilt was tied. Lots of 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' as we saw our pattern come to life. Later that day we headed to the fabric store together to choose the binding (yes, I know... can you imagine me at the fabric store with 3 kids and the hubster!??). Originally, I was thinking a flannel would go nicely but everyone fell in love with the feel of the minky fabrics. We picked a green that looked like it would go well. Over the next couple of days I cut the binding and sewed it on. The fabric was nice and stretchy and so, so soft!

I put the quilt upstairs for its true test....would it get some use? Since that day I can gratefully report that it is always unfolded and laid out on the couch! (I fold it back up every night before bed) Used mostly by me and often by the kids. It is warm, large enough for me and all the kids when watching a movie on the couch and a nice pillow when folded up! The best part...we all had a hand in it! I love seeing the random little knots on the back side and the few ties cut just a tad too short. The other day my son said, "Mom, aren't you glad we made this quilt?" I said, "Yes, why do you say that?" His response? "No reason...I'm just glad we did, too!" Ahhhh.....the quilt making baton has been passed.

Mar 11, 2008


And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this brief public service announcement....

Just thought you should know. It's never too early to start talking to your kids about the important things. Consider yourself warned!

Mar 7, 2008

I'm a Laugher...Not a Lover!

Okay, I'm not a cat lover...I can admire from a distance and can totally accept that other people have them. Just not gonna have one in my own home (...cue whining, complaining, tears and fit throwing times three...ready, go!) However, this video was posted on Cute Overload and I laughed myself silly - thought you needed a good laugh today, too - Yeah YOU!!!

Have a good weekend!

Mar 3, 2008

Introducing.... Dotee Dolls!

I was made aware of a new craze hitting the crafting/sewing world - Dotee Dolls. They are cute, sassy, quirky and sometimes ugly! They were created by a woman named Dot who lives in Australia. She had no idea it would become such a hit and that women all over would pick up her idea and run with it. So who caught the bug??? You guessed it! ME! Here is my very first gal:

Introducing "PENNY":

And here's a close-up of her face. She has lovely blue eyes and a silver beauty mark to book! Check out that lovely head of swirled silver button hair!

One of the 'trademark' features of the Dotee Doll is the beaded 'tail' and the hanger at the top. This little lovely was made from a bunch of Valentine fabric scraps and beads I've had hanging around forever! I had such fun pulling her together and it was very cathartic! If you'd like to make your own you can find the tutorial on Dot's site. Dot also does lots of other beaded and embellished art dolls and ATC cards - lots of eye candy if you have time to check her out!
I truly did not want to let "Penny" go - but the reason I did her was for a swap. So...the next morning after her photo shoot she was packaged up for a very long trip to Malaysia! Happy landings Penny! I should be receiving my very first Dotee -to keep -shortly and will post a pic after she arrives - I believe from the UK. Aren't they cleverly cute! Feel the Dotee luv and have a Happy Monday!