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or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Nov 27, 2007

Santa's Workshop

It's going to snow today - hopefully (said with fingers crossed). I can only remember one, maybe two, white Christmases in Arizona growing up but I always wished for them. I have my craft room filled with projects I'm working on for Christmas and I've gladly dubbed it "Santa's Workshop". Goodies for extended family, kids, mom, dad and the Big Easy. I have many of them completed and hanging in the closet. I hope to post pictures soon. I have to get off a package to France by Monday. I decided to work on some "Stash and Dash" bags by Amy Butler for Morgane and her Sister, Aubrey. I figure even French girls need stylish little bags to hold their makeup and essentials in. I found a darling little cowboy print at Broadbents last Saturday and fell in love with "Olivia Pig" prints in black and red. Got to get to work...

Sew, Mama, Sew! blog has been posting tons of tutorials (one a day for the month of November) on things to sew for the holidays. I can't keep up with all the fun things I'd like to sew. If I can get these things done that need to be mailed - then I can spend time on the projects for those can be worked on up until the last minute. The house is still not decorated and the tree needs to be put up - probably Saturday. I'm 'de-briefing' from Thanksgiving and the dissapointment from getting B.E.'s test results on Saturday. There is lots of unsurety in the future of what to do regarding pharmacy school (or not). Luckily, crafting makes me relax and brings a happy air to my soul. The Big Easy needs a hobby! smile!