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or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Sep 12, 2008

My Summer Vacation is over!

How quickly 3-months can pass when you're having fun! This past summer was full of all kinds of good things! I think my 50 lb weight loss has given me the confidence, finally, to try lots of things that I always wanted to do but never would. Mostly because I was afraid of how I'd look from behind while running...or dying of exhaustion from exercise, HAHAHA!

The summer started off with a big bang when we headed to Arizona to visit some family. The main point of the trip was a concert featuring this guy!

That's George Michael for all you young'uns out there born in the late 80's or early 90's (although you should still know who he is!) I got to go to the concert with Stephanie M. and my sister - it was so much fun!!! Gorgeous George performed some of my old favorites and some new ones as well. We were good girls and didn't take our cameras in but we wish we would have! We had fabulous floor seats - thanks Brad and Stephanie! and the whole thing was a celebration for Stephanie's 40th birthday. And DID WE CELEBRATE!!! There was much dancing, singing and general good vibes had by all! This is what it looked like although I didn't take this photo:

One of my favorite moments was his singing "Freedom 90" - which unbeknowst to me has been viewed as an anthem for the gay community. Who knew!!!??? (Shows how much I don't pay attention to the lyrics sometimes.) Anywhoo - we were shouting it out with everyone and I think it really fired me up to get free this summer. So here's a sampling of what I did:

Ran (and I mean walk/ran) my first 5K, the Freedom Run in Provo, after starting to run the week before:

And subsequently ran my 2nd and 3rd 5K's (plus my fourth 5K this past weekend - and yes, my time is improving!)

Rode the medium-sized and super-sized zip lines at Olympic Park in Park City. (I'm the middle rider)Hiked to Timpanogos Cave with the 3 kids and my niece - what was I thinking!? But we made it up and back in one piece. I also overcame my brief internal bouts of hysteria thinking about going into the cave but made it out alive and well! (We were actually grateful for the cool temps in the cave after the heat during the hike up!) Gotta love this picture taken by one of my kids - I am looking oh so fine, dontcha think?

Sprinkle in trips to "This is the Place" village, Stadium of Fire with Blue Man Group and Miley Cyrus, Temple Square in SLC, a Xango party, watching "The Drowsy Chaperone" with my niece, all the foster parent training courses (32 hours worth), work, presenting at and attending 2 conferences, farmer's market, gardening and fun times in the backyard kiddie pool and slip-n-slide! WHEW!!! It WAS a full summer!

Another highlight was marked by the "Breaking Dawn" release party at BYU - fun times with family and friends (and our specially designed "Team Edward" t-shirts. I actually won a door prize as well - toot toot!)

I loved every minute of it - how good it feels to be so free!


Steliza said...
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Steliza said...

Yipppeeeee! Teddi! You are looking even more marvelous! What a great summer. And even if others feel Freedom 90 is a "gay anthem," I do truly believe the song is what it means to every individual and is about shedding perceptions/expectations others put on you or even yourself...and finding a way to break away from all that baggage and being your true happy FREE self. That is why I have always loved the song and blared it and "Feeling Good" on my way home from having my braces removed! And another "thing" you did this summer...got me motivated to start running again. Just on our treadmill, don't think my bones and joints will let me take my running to the streets...but I am feeling better and finding out I can actually run long distances, after being a sprinter during my "running days"...who knew? And thanks to you...now I do!

Oh...and yes, definitely Team Edward! Thanks to you for introducting Twilight to me too!

Julie said...

wow, I'm tired just reading about it. My summer wasn't nearly as eventful. You are lookin' good, girlfriend, good for you on the run/walks, I woulndn't do that if I lost 100 lbs.!!
And I'm totally jealous about the concert! I had that song (Freedom) on my blog. ha ha. sure my brother appreciated it.