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Nov 22, 2008

Twilight - The Movie

Okay, I'll admit it - I saw the movie at midnight the day it opened. I was actually in my seat about 11:00 pm on the 20th - in anticipation of the 'grand opening'. Me and several hundred of my closest, weirdest, middle-agiest mostly female friends. The theatre was packed with fans of the books and what I assume to be caterpillar eyebrows. I have a bias towards Robert Pattinson - the guy cast as Edward - his eyebrows are too bushy to be Edward. I'll admit that right up front, I thought he was all wrong for the part and I'm sticking to it! My not-so-professional opinion of the movie:

Cinematography - location, awesome! The shot of them climbing in the trees was magnificent
Bella - cast well and Kristin Stewart is a fine actress for this role
The role of the father - he was younger than I pictured and I liked it.
Jacob - not bad, could have done more in the picture
Edward - eyebrows still distracting but there were times he 'grew on me' especially the biology class scene when the scent of Bella first hits him.
Forks - quaint and perfect

Length of the film - it drug on and on and on
The Cullen family - not enough of them
Victoria - should not be talking
I don't want to hear the word 'spider monkey' used as a term of endearment ever again!!!
The 'venom sucking' scene in the dance studio was laughable and I don't think it was meant to be...laughed out loud when Bella's eyes crossed!

Eyebrows on Edward - did I mention that already?????
Alice - her baseball throwing stance - hello???what's with the pointed toe???
Bella's prom dress...could they not have found something more suitable and beautiful!?
The kissing scene in the bedroom - where was all the romance leading up to it!?
All the women in the theatre screaming at the top of their lungs for every little thing - come on ladies, get a life!!!! (Oh wait, I was there too but not screaming, mind you!)

I could go on - but will spare you. I loved the books and while dissapointed with #4 and the movie - still think they are refreshingly new in their concept. Will I see it again? Probably? Will I buy it? Yes. Will I meet Robert Pattinson in a dark alley with a waxing pot and linen strips? Most definately!!


Cindy said...

I'm totally with you on the eybrow part and Clint and I laughed out loud at the last two sentences! HILARIOUS! We saw it yesterday and found positives and negatives as well. But I agree, I will also probably see it again and will buy it. :)

Julie said...

You're funny. You'd fit in well with my sisters who have serious eyebrow fixations. I'm looking forward to seeing it, tho' I'm going in with my expectations low, it'll never match the book.

Steliza said...

Yaaa...we only hoot and holler for George, right Teddi! And that is perfectly acceptable!

I have not decided if I will go see the movie yet or not. I will probably wait for it to be on pay per view. If I thought Edward was casted better, it would probably get me to the theater. I read a few reviews and many film critics commented how often they laughed during the movie and it was not at "appropriate" times...the blood sucking scene was one of them and other "high-points" too. Kind of a shame that those moments don't play out better on screen.

Steliza said...

Oh sheesh...I had a message left on our answering maching tonight:

"I went and saw Twilight today! I went with my friend Linda. It was so good, so amazing but we hated that it flew by and ended too quickly. And we both thought Edward was sooooo cute (giggle). Really cute...."

Can you guess who left this message for me? The person who drives me insane, who I don't see eye to eye with and that is because no matter how insane she makes me, I am still more saner than her...and evidently I never knew she liked catepillar brows...who knew! Wish I didn't!