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Sep 27, 2009

Produce Parade

Two years ago, I posted some of the more 'unusual' produce that sprang from our garden. You may remember this - aptly named "The carrot with a tail" (D'Art's idea):

Or the "octopus carrot" seen here:

So this year I'd like you to meet "Rick" and "Tony"
- they're rather 'snooty' as you can see:

This is their distant cousin "Jimmy" - he has quite the proboscis...

And can have quite the mean streak when pushed too far!

Bet you never see these in the supermarket aisle....'pear-shaped' cucumber
and its curvy sidekick!

Our one and only green pepper - looking down on our tomato harvest.

BUT - this was our first year growing melons!
We got crenshaw and cantaloupes that turned out really tasty!

The pumpkin vine, underneath the front window, took off and is producing 3, nice "Baby Bear" pumpkins. Perfect for pie-making.

And one lone little straggler who isn't going to make it to jack-o-lantern status or even a pie. Maybe he'll decorate the table or at the very least a neighbor's yard. Look out cul-de-sac!


Kesenya said...

Oh wow - what a facinating blog you have !! I dream of having a vegie patch as productive as yours someday !!! cheers from Australia.

Cami said...

I can't wait to have my own house again someday so I can have a garden. I love the idea of fresh veggie and fruit - I have a black thumb so I might be asking for garden advice someday. HUGS!!!

Julie said...

Beautiful pumpkins! You are the quintessential mormon woman, aren't you? (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but you get the idea.)

Anonymous said...

A bountiful and unique harvest! Sammy is digging your new musical selections. He can't figure out what there are fun noises coming out of the computer.