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Dec 26, 2007

The Shouting is Over!

Christmas came in a blizzard...luckily Santa drives a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer otherwise he may not have made it! We were blessed, yet again, with an abundance of gifts, good food and time together with family. The favorite gifts were a kitchen for the littlest chef in our house, a trampoline that won't be set up until our yard is thawed and uncovered in the spring and "We got a Wii!"

I felt misty eyed and teary at two special gifts - the first from The Big Easy, a huge picture frame that held 30 photos. He had taken the time to find, print and display some of our favorite Disneyland pictures from our many trips over the years. I knew he had been working on something but couldn't figure out what he was doing...it was his 'handmade' item and it was indeed heartfelt and special. It is a treasure I will place in my craft room or the family room so we can admire and remember.

The second gift was from my parents and something they got for each of their children and their families. It was a complete set of the family genealogy and temple work that had been done thus far. It is a treasure. Tucked in the front cover is a letter from my mom that I haven't read yet. I saw it and knew that I would need a Kleenex and some 'alone time' to do it justice - not amid the wrapping paper toss and shouting that was happening. I will have to shovel out some time today so I can read it. It also includes some other special thoughts from Dad and Mom - what a lot of work and something that has no price tag.

I felt a lot of satisfaction in making a lot of my gifts this year. I think next year I will try harder to find things I can do for the kids as well. I plan on doing the 'handmade holiday thing' again. Whether it was received in the same spirit it was given, I may never know...but I enjoyed it! I am a little 'let down' to not have a pile of things to be working on, but D'Artagnan has requested a robe for his Birthday (that's today!) Got to get sewing...


mama k said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I definitely want to do more handmade next year. But I was happy to accomplish the items I did this year.

Alisha said...

Thanks for the tip on Friday Night Apron -- I was leaning towards this pattern and I think your advice provided the tipping point.