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or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Oct 14, 2008


Remember the old way ketchup used to come out of bottles?? Slowly and took its own sweet time. Sometimes you'd have to pound on the bottom of the bottle, shake it, stick a knife in it - turn it over to see if it was near the edge and pound yet again. But oooohhh...it was worth the wait!

Life is like that for me lately - ever since hubs and I decided to become foster parents. We've been waiting, pounding, prodding, hoping, looking and pounding again in anticipation of children being placed in our home. Just when we were about to give up (and go for mustard) we got 'the call'.

The wait is going to be over on Thursday - 3 kids are coming to join the clan. Now that they're on their way I'm nervous, scared, excited, hopeful, fearful and happy. We will be doubling our children and they will by far outnumber us! It will be an adventure in parenting and loving - and while this is only the beginning, I'm sure that when I look back on this time it will have happened all too suddenly and will have been definately worth the wait.

Just like ketchup always is!


Steliza said...

Oh, I am excited and nervous for you too! All I can keep thinking of is how lucky these three children are...very, very, very lucky. They will learn what a real family is and what it is like to be loved and supported and encouraged and safe. Lucky, lucky kids! And I know all three will teach your family lots too. What a wonderful and amazing time you are entering.

Julie said...

Wow! You are a brave woman. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck!