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Dec 26, 2008

Birthday Boy

This little baby boy has a birthday today - he's turning 8.

This little baby boy is still as cute as ever except he's grown quite a bit taller and will be passing up his mom before long.

This little baby boy doesn't have his curls anymore because he likes keeping it short - a #2 shield with the clippers.

This little baby boy still does toilets and hardly grumbles when asked to help clean the bathroom.

This little baby boy loves Lego Star Wars on Wii and it was his favorite toy yesterday from Santa.

This little baby boy can play the piano like nobody's business - who knew that those little chubby hands would turn long and slender, just right for playing piano.

This little baby boy still has huge dimples in his cheek and chin and now that he's a bigger boy he's completely unaware what that will do to girls some day.

This little baby boy has the most amazingly blue eyes that still can do his mom in when she's trying to say 'No' to him - it never works!

This little baby boy turned out to be a great big brother and is still a good little brother - who doesn't mind being 'girl trapped'.

This little baby boy can play soccer and basketball and is a really fast runner.

This little baby boy has grown up to be a wonderful son and loves his family and Heavenly Father.

This little baby boy is having a birthday... Happy Birthday Son!

This little boy has a birthday...
This one pictured here!
Father in Heaven bless him,
Throughout the coming year.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear baby boy
Happy Birthday to you!

Love you Always,



Steliza said...

That little boy took me on my first tea cup spin and has provided me with many more other happy hours of time spent with him. I am blessed he lets me call myself a friend of his! Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

Doesn't it just tug at your heart when those babies grow up? Such a handsome young man! Happy Birthday!

Mom of Three said...

ahhh, that is sweet!! Brought tears to my eyes!!

Sheri said...

Hey Teddi! I found your blog off Maria Haynie's! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in such a long time. I can't beleve how big your kids are getting! So crazy! Hey, I'm getting married, and was wonderning, if you could send me your address so I could send you an invite! Well, I hope all is going great. :) -Sheri Robinson

RhondaLue said...

Teddi say it ain't So!!! I remember him like the first picture!!! How did he grow so much in just the last few years???

I guess mine have too but it always throws me back a bit to see that! You have such a beautiful family. Miss you guys!