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Dec 24, 2008


We are finally done wrapping all of our Christmas gifts - woo hoo! Growing up, Santa never wrapped our Christmas gifts. We would wake on Christmas morning and walk out into the darkened room lit up by the Christmas Tree. Underneath the tree, each of our presents would be grouped in a pile next to our stockings. They always looked magical in the glow of the twinkle lights and we would race to find our stocking so we knew which pile was ours. (It was pretty obvious the year I got my favorite 'Puddin' doll and my brother got a GI Joe.) It wasn't until my younger brothers were much older that Santa started wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. With 7 children, I think it might have saved Santa a little bit of time, at the Covey household, just leaving them unwrapped.

The Big Easy, on the other hand, grew up with Santa wrapping all his Christmas presents. He said the fun for him was not knowing what was inside until the wrapping paper was completely off. They took turns watching each other open gifts and the fun was guessing what each odd-shaped box would hold.

When we started having children of our own we had to decide what we would ask Santa to do - wrap or leave them unwrapped??? I have to admit that unwrapping a gift does add quite an element of surprise and suspense. We started with our oldest and had Santa wrap the majority and leave the biggest toy out - or the one that might have to be put together or odd-shaped. That tradition has continued. We compromised - now Santa wraps them all and if there is something that is too unusual to wrap or needs to be put together in order to be played with on Christmas Day, he leaves that out. Like our youngest's play kitchen last year and the trampoline in it's huge box. I think it's a good arrangement.

With six children this year I think Santa has his hands full for the gifts at our house. Even though I think each child will get a modest amount of gifts - when you add that up its a lot of wrapping! I've talked to several friends and family members and its funny how there really is a 50/50 split on how everyone grew up with Santa wrapping or not. I bet there's been a lot of compromise happening through the years where gift wrap is concerned. Happy wrapping! (or not!)


Julie said...

OUr gifts were wrapped, except our dolls were always out and somehow we always knew who's was who's. I wrap everything, bulky or not. My kids only get three from Santa, so it prolongs the process a little more.

connie said...

your story is just like mine. Dh is a wrap believer. Its kinda a downer to me, but its okay. His family also always had breakfast BEFORE gifts... we do that too, what ever. Gotta keep the dh happy so when it comes to making me happy he is willing :)

Steliza said...

I never knew of a NOT wrapped option until I had to start wrapping everything myself. It was a lovely day when I "discovered" this idea...I am guilted into not doing it though...and that brings up the topic of "the beauty of the gift bag!"

Lisa said...

We are a split household- My husband grew up with wrapped (except for the year his mom worked the overnight shift (RN) and his dad fell asleep and Santa didn't come...) and I grew up with unwrapped. We don't wrap.