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Jan 16, 2008

Clap your hands...Tink is back!

They opened a Disney Store a couple of weeks ago at a mall near us. Guess who hadn't been until a couple of days ago? Guess who was only to happy to take their sweet little 2-year-old-princess-loving-sweetie in to check out the Disney Wonderland? Guess who got sucked into the Disney Princess Vortex? Guess who was only to happy to shell out $40+ for a brand spankin' new (albeit on clearance) 'coscume' (that's costume for those of you unfamiliar with 2-year old language) of Tinkerbell and shoes and a crown! I have to say all the sparkle, pink, Disney Musak playing in the background and the friendly customer service put me into some kind of Mickey Mouse stupor! I don't know how to act..."take me to your coscumes"! I swear I think they pipe pixie dust into the air ducts - Disney crack if you will! I tried to show my sweetie all the cute, less than $10 items she could take home but it was all about the 'coscumes'. She really wanted the Cinderella 'coscume' displayed in front but since that was full-price (heaven forbid) I was able to convince her that the Tinker Bell, frilly, green, tutu was a much better alternative. She was so happy with the purchase and hugged the bag out to the car and couldn't wait to get home and try it on. I was almost as giddy as she was waiting to see what it would look like....precious!...adorable!!!...cute!...stinkin' cute even! and then these immortal words utter forth from the mouth of my now freshly adorned and minted Tinker Bell..."Where's My Wings?"...

Ack! For $40+ couldn't the Disney powers-that-make-princesses-to-be include the wings!? Nope, obviously not! It included the tights and the fabulous Tinker Bell cameo pin and all the glitter and fairy dust on the tutu but no wings. I bought the shoes and crown but didn't think to get wings. Oh well...Not going back...you know as well as I do what will happen...we'd leave with a Cinderella 'coscume' next time!

She has continued to 'mention' to everyone who passes by and sees her costume that 'I have no wings' - sad isn't it!? I pulled some wings from a different costume but she's no dummy and while she tried them on, probably for my sake, they just didn't 'fit' and they were removed after a couple of minutes. Not the right color or size I'm sure.

The Big Easy may have had an 'eye popping' moment over the price but there was no denying the cuteness factor or her face lighting up when she wears her 'coscume' and prances around the house. It is the first thing she puts on in the morning and we have to practically peel it off of her at night. I love it! I am enjoying every minute of my baby girl being a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the prissy princess club! Dress it up baby Tinker Bell!

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