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Jan 4, 2008

They're making a comeback...Apron's that is!

I made 12 of them for Christmas, that's right....12!!! Actually a few more if you count the 3 I made for the kiddos out of the IKEA Christmas kitchen towels - okay, I was a smokin' hot apron maker for the holidays. Most were made using the Vanilla House Designs "Friday Night Apron" or "Sunday Dinner Apron" patterns. Very easy to use, both of them - but I prefer the sexy, sassy look of the Friday Night one (see one lucky recipient sassin' it out in hers in the slide show). I think aprons are making a revival (nah, I KNOW they are!). I wish I had more and I wish I had some antique and retro ones that I know we played around with as girls that belonged to mom, Granny and Granny C. Who would have known!?

There is a cool site devoted to the apron and all things apron'y' (is that a word?). They are having a giveaway of a cool book about aprons. If you go to their site and make a comment you can be entered in the give away. Check it out: http://www.apronista.blogspot.com/ Hmmm...all those aprons and not one for me - there's a problem with that. I've got some sassy "Elvis print' fabric that needs to be made into an apron and picked up some adorable striped fabric on our anniversary trip. I think it's time for me to get a new Friday Night Apron. Whatcha think?


Steliza said...

Elvis' birthday is Tuesday! Your birthday just celebrated...looks like it is a meant to be to me. Get sewing!

Moi said...

I love the purple one!

Thanks for delurking! I promise, I am going to stick it to that insurance company for everything I can. 8^)

Patriot said...

Have you ever heard of Etsy? It's a website where many artists sell their handmade products. I've seen quite a few aprons on there. Do you sell there? (www.etsy.com)