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Feb 17, 2008

Another Mile Marker - #9


...and Now (Today, to be exact!)

8 years seperate the two pictures and while some days it seems like a lifetime in many ways it seems like just hours ago. I marvel at how much you have changed physically - and never notice it on a daily basis until I stop to compare these kinds of photos or look at old videos. We used to clap as you played "Pat-A-Cake" or sang princess songs - yesterday we clapped and cheered as you ran up and down a basketball court trying to make a basketball shot! I used to read you "Goodnight Moon" now you read to me from your latest issue of American Girl magazine. You used to watch Cinderella over and over - now it's Hannah Montana, Zach and Cody, That's So Raven and I took you to see "The Spiderwick Chronicles" on Saturday night with a girl friend.

You're now ordering off the adult menu at restaurants and picking out your own clothes every morning. You will let me brush your hair - but only if I do it the way you want and it has to be 'just so' with no clips, pony's or bows. You still like to sit next to me or Dad and have us scratch your back or head. You still love to watch tv or movies until late at night and don't like going to bed until you have to! You're doing great in school and have lots of friends. Gratefully your great laugh and giggle haven't changed...just gotten a little deeper. You still love to draw and play imaginative games with your stuffed animals and dolls. "Littlest Pet Shop" toys are some of your favorites right now.

I wish I could say that I had been the perfect parent these past 9 years - I haven't but I've tried hard. I can say that I've loved you to the best of my ability and done all I can to give you opportunities to learn, grow and try new things. I miss the little baby and little bitty girl that danced around in her princess dresses. I do enjoy this new almost 'pre-teen' with her wit and sarcasm...the sass that has been there since day one! I love the things we do together - just us girls. I love your art work and the stories you bring home from school - you amuse me!

It scares me to think you're half-way to the big 18 that will bring you to leaving our nest and out into the adult world. Wow! Exciting for you and nerve racking for me! Better get started on imparting some more wisdom, nagging, cajoling, loving, cuddling, praising and enjoying every precious moment until my next 'then' moment! The "NOW"s are coming way too fast!
Happy 9th Birthday Big Girl!


Steliza said...

Happy Birthday to the talented, magnificent, fun and beautiful Olivia!

connie said...

oh my gosh, dd just turned 18 two days ago.. your post just made me cry. I love love love the blog! I will be stopping by very often.. Dont expect nearly the entertainment from mine. Its mostly facts.. plain and boring.. I really need help making it look good too, so I will be asking you questions
fun to chat last night