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Feb 8, 2008

The Darndest Things!

Yesterday was Parent/Teacher Conferences for our oldest daughter and our son. It's always a pleasure - luckily we have great kids with good minds and hearts who love school (so far so good...we're up to 3rd grade!). Anyway - during our daughter's conference the teacher gave us a true 'gem' that she'd had her class make. It's a booklet titled "Third Grade Words of Wisdom". She used popular cliches and cut off the well known endings and had her students fill in the blanks and illustrate their new 'sayings'. Here is our daughter's sayings and illustrations. (We enjoyed the drawings as much, if not more than the words). She wanted to add a disclaimer that she didn't have enough time to color them all in. So now you know! Prepare to laugh!

If I'd only known if was the gift horse's eye I was trying to avoid all this time and not his mouth - ugh! and I'll try to remember that 'freezer trick' next time things get too hot! Out of the mouths of babes...words to live by!

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Anonymous said...

No truer words of wisdom or precious gift given! What a great book. The sayings and art work are priceless memories to save!