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or "forbidden" in the title.~From Scooby-Doo

Feb 21, 2008

Too Much Disney lately...

I think I've heard (heaven knows I don't actually see them they're just always on in the background as I go about my daily activities) too many Disney movies lately! I've got the soundtracks running through my head - especially Peter Pan and wishing on a star. I stumbled on this site and found several things that I would want to have if I could stop growing up and be a kid again (oh yeah and had all the money in the world)!

For example...Here is where I would lay my 'Lost Girl' head at night...


And I would sit here while I read stories to the other 'Lost Children':


And it's a toss up about what I would wear out on the island...could be this:


or this:


But would definately be accessorized with a pair of these:


The mermaid lagoon would welcome me - tail and all:


All of these lovely items are indeed for sale at Chasing Fireflies and don't you think for a second that every one of them wasn't in my shopping cart just on the off chance that I got a million dollar windfall in the mail today...or, my ship came 'toot tooting' into the harbor....or the tax return check was going to be earmarked for tons of unecessary and completely frivolous items for a spoiled little 3-year old. Of course we'd think absolutely nothing of dropping $2400+ for fantasy items like these (cough, cough)...just ask Eric! LOL
A gal can dream can't she??? That's what good ol' Walt Disney was all about - thanks Walt!

"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." - Walt Disney

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