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Feb 6, 2008

Tripped and Fell!...down Memory Lane

I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and she was talking about 'morning people'. I am not truly one of them - more of a mid-morning person myself. Anywhoo...that led me to thinking about my dad waking us up with a "Good Morning Captain" straight out of the 70's show Captain Kangaroo and my reply of "Good Morning Mr. Green Jeans". Which in turn led me to a quick search on You Tube to see if by chance they had any clips of Captain Kangaroo's show. Lo and behold - the beauty of You Tube!!!!

Don't they have everything!? My youngest DD sat glued to this clip and wanted to watch it 3-4 times - it still has charm! They just don't make things like this anymore. Boy, did it bring back memories! I had a Raggedy Ann doll just like that big one and think my sister did too! I remember watching this dancing bear on Captain Kangaroo. Probably this exact episode because I loved me some Captain and loved Raggedy! A double treat! I was a total child of the 70's. In a quick 'google' search I saw that the Captain Kangaroo show continued until the 80's but I would have been in high school by then. I remember the moose, the rabbit, the ping pong balls, Mr. Green Jeans....great stuff! Anyone else love an old man in a red suit (not Santa - though loved him too!), a naughty bunny and a guy in green? Raise your hand and don't be shy about it!


Steliza said...

Well, "my guy" didn't wear a red suit...he wore a red sweater and I would tell him every day "yes! I will be your neighbor." And seeing this his sweater was one of my "must do-s" when I visited Washington D.C. for the very first time.

JT Red said...

TLC how about this little gem?